types of the bipolar disorder

FIND OUT about the types of the bipolar disorder and how to treat them.

Types of Bipolar Spectrum Disorder

26 Feb 2017

The bipolar disorder is different with the schizophrenia. The first one will be milder but more people have them. And there are also the other kind of the bipolar disorder that is a combination between the depressive, the substance abuse and a lot of mental instability along with the symptoms from the bipolar disorder. The medical field usually calls this as the bipolar spectrum disorder and this also attacks many people even when we don’t know it.

The Categorizing of the Bipolar Spectrum Disorder

The bipolar spectrum disorder also called as the types for the actual bipolar disorder. There are mainly 5 types of the spectrum that will attack many people. This is the reason why different people will have the different symptoms and intensity of the bipolar disorder.

  1. The first one is the bipolar disorder type V. This is the mildest bipolar spectrum disorder that could make the people suffer from the bad mental condition. People with this kind of mental health will only have the episode of mood swing for a few times in a year. The duration of the moos swing is also very short. That is why this particular type is not very dangerous for the mental and physical condition of the patients.
  2. The bipolar type IV is the slightly stronger version of the previous one. The intensity will be more and the duration is also longer. Many times they only occur when the patients meet some things they are scared of.
  3. The third bipolar spectrum disorder is the type III which is the balance mood swing between the manic and the depression. The people who suffer from this will alternate the mood rapidly but the intensity for both of them will likely to be balance. This is rather not dangerous but still needs the treatment from the mental institution.
  4. The type II of the bipolar spectrum disorder will make the patients have a lot of episodes in a year. But the good thing is that the happy thought will be more that depression episodes. But still, the disorder will be dangerous for both mental and physical health of the patients.
  5. The strongest type from the bipolar spectrum disorder is the type I. This is the most intense mental disorder that could come to the mind of a person. The person who has this will have more than 3 episodes of mood swing in only one week. The more horrible thing is that he depressive mode will come a lot more that the manic. Therefore, they will likely to hurt themselves and the other people around them. They might also have the high intention to end their life when the depression hits. An intensive treatment for them is the only thing that will keep them safe.

types of bipolar spectrum disorder

If one of your family members fits with one of those types of bipolar spectrum disorder, get the help from the psychiatrist immediately. The condition on their mental health will not get better if they don’t get help from the experts who know this thing comprehensively.

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